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As shop owners ourselves we understand the critical importance of friction-less work flow, the never ending objective of maximizing sales, minimising costs and secure data handling. With that in mind we have created intelligent software solutions so that you can reach your objectives and watch your business grow.

Boost Productivity

In todays rapidly competitive market time and costs are the most important factors to cater to. With that in mind, Modulebuddy builds products with productivity boost as primary motive.


We stand behind our products.
Clean, dry code, best practises and thorough quality testing are standard in all our modules.


Guides and documentation to help you along the way is available for all products. And if you still need extra support, help is only one email away.

Featured Products

We offer robust, dependable and high performance modules that will improve the work flow and secure operations. By streamlining processes you will benefit from an increase in revenue, more operational accuracy, optimized deliverance, increased efficiency and a happier work force.

Employee Access Control

This module effectively ensures you have a track of every individual who log in/out to your system on an unpermitted time.

Product Translation

With the help of Product Translation module, you can easily translate general information such as Product name, Description and Short description and make your store multi language store.

SEO Assistant Auto Ping-O-Matic

This awesome module will automatically upload a new product page on, saving you the time and effort to have to do it manually.

Cycle Count Manager

An easy way to keep track of manage your inventory for your businesses. Cycle count manager will give you an up-to-date and accurate overview of your stock levels for every product you have in your warehouse so you can meet customer needs without risk of overstocking which increases unnecessary costs and reduces your profits.

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