For tracking margins and maximizing Profits

Product Margin Manager
Allows the user to easily keep track of gross and net profit on every singe item. Set the parameters for desired margin targets and get a clean overviw of results. Color codes inform user on margin levels, indicating if action is needed.

For raising security

Clef Secure Module 

First and only module that offers two-factor authentification. By simply  moving the smartphone past the screen the user can securely login without the hassle of typing in passwords. Clef is the new innovative way of handling all your login information, safely in one place. 

For simplifying return handling

Return Manager
Handling returns have never been this easy. The magic word here is automation. With just a couple of clicks the customer can request a return, backoffice accepts and triggers return slip , customer gets notified via email, product is restocked and voucher created. 

For merging products

Easy Product Merge
Gives the user the option to take several products with different attributes such as color or siza and with a couple of clicks merge them into one product. When receiving product lists from suppliers the products can be individually separated due to color or size. With this module you can quickly merge them and create a clutter free store front.