A security solution that controls employee access to your store

Do you have control and oversight over your employee’s access to your online shop at all times? If not, you should. Security and oversight in e-commerce is a top priority for growing online businesses. As a business owner, you might find yourself stuck in choosing a good Prestashop tool that keeps a log of unallowed access attempts during and after working hours.

It’s important to create access profiles for your employees when they are accessing your Prestashop admin. With employee access control module, you can set staff account permissions to limit what hours they are allowed to enter the system.

Modulebuddy is now here to provide you a reliable, powerful, and yet simplesolution to safeguard your back-end system from employee’s accessing without permission.

Optimizing employee access control management

London-based cybersecurity consultancy warns that in pretty much every business, about 70 percent of employees have access to the back-end system and other things they shouldn’t. Mr. Vile points to the case of an employee, the who in 2011 engaged in unauthorised trading that cost the bank £1.3bn. The reason he was able to carry out the crime was because he accessed the company system without permission. That is a one-off and large-scale example, but it illustrates the point that, as your company grows, you need to know who has access to your system and at what hours to be able to spot anything unusual and prevent security breaches.

This module effectively ensures you have a track of every individual who log in/out to your system on an unpermitted time. If someone who is an employee is accessing the system outside of working hours, the system will automatically log out the user and send an email notification to the manager.
The Employee Recent Access Logs can accurately detail time and date of employee access. Let this powerful module helps you to better control the employee access of your back-end system!


-Identify which employee is attempting an unauthorized login attempt and at what time

-Easily create an employee access profile with set time and date

-Easily view employee access log

-Real-time email notification upon unauthorized login attempt

Userfriendly interface