E-commerce Returns: Transforming Pain Into Opportunity

In many industries it is common for every second item ordered on the Internet to find its way back to the seller. Returns are all part of the business, yet many traders fail to calculate returned items into their business model. Returns are not usually planned into operational business processes, and are not reflected in commercial calculations or risk evaluations. So it’s no wonder that many e-commerce traders are repeatedly caught out by returns.

However, returned goods are not necessarily a bad thing, indeed they conceal great potential. For instance, customers who shop from return-friendly stores are prone to be more loyal and make more purchases. Moreover, the returned item can be then re-sold with a slightly discounted price, attracting the sales minded customers. Therefore, don’t get caught out by returns anymore and start selling it instead to maximize your profit.

Bring returned products back into the market and improve sales

The unpredictability of e-commerce returns can often complicate warehouse operations, making standard handling processes quite difficult to implement. Returned packages sitting on the warehouse floor cannot be effectively put back into stock without the right tool in place. The connectivity must flow from the customer, to the warehouse, to the sales system, and then into the next customer.

The design of Product Discount Management module is based on the initial experience of online retailers. The module simply makes the re-sell process faster and easier. In other words, it helps converting the returned items into cash sales for you. The module allows you to create a clone of original product and a new product reference is generated so you can sell the returned one for a discount without affecting the original products price or information. You can also give an extra discount for a specific item if you like. By using this module, you can easily add product description for the re-sell item and choose to remove the item in the system once it’s sold out. No more hesitation and let Product Discount Management module helps you to get rid of returned merchandise and increase your sales from today!



-Easily create, edit, delete products.

-Easily add product description.

-Increase warehouse efficiency in handling returned goods.

-Easily set discount by percentage or specific amount.

-Easily assign a chosen category for the discounted item to be presented in, for example “Sale”.


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