Modulebuddy Return Manager Module makes returns fun and easy

By installing this module all errors and mishandling will be eliminated, ensuring that each return is processed absolutely correctly and efficiently. Let the module register the return, create replacement order or refund and inform the customer for you with minimum amount of input or effort.

This module is by far the most simple and convenient way to handle returns within the Prestahop Platform. Once used, you will wonder how you managed without.

The magic word here is automation

With just a few simply clicks the whole return process is automatically handled, freeing up time for more revenue generating activities.

  • Easily enter return reasons
  • Deny, Refund, Replace
  • Re-Stock in same page, too easy.
  • Control individual item credit. Full, partial, or any amount needed inside even multiple item orders.
  • Automatically create new order to be pulled, packed, and shipped.
  • A Return email instruction is sent to the customer when a return request is approved. You set which status sends what.
  • Customer may receive full summary of all actions taken on order at your discretion (ex: item 1 refunded, item 2 replaced, etc)
  • Multi Store compatible
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Analytics dashboard that provides important data on frequently returned products, costs and frequently return customers. 



Having orders come back for any reason is a joy-kill for you as a business owner and the customer, they don’t have something they are happy with. With proper returns management, customers of your business will receive a smoother, quicker, more pleasant experience dealing with your store. Happy customers are repeat customers with pleasant stories to share with their friends and family!


  • Can view return status and history in his account.
  • partial quantities can be returned.
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Allows the customer to easily submit their return request straight from the store.



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