Time to get rid of slow-moving and excess inventory

Slow-moving items that are sitting in your warehouse are tying up your cash and adding to your handling and storage fees. You have paid money up front to carry products, and that money doesn’t come back until you’ve sold them. Those products that sit on your shelves for months aren’t doing you any good. Sometimes, you need to run a discount just to clear your old inventory. Perhaps you need to make room for new products, update a product line, or focus on better performing products. Offering discounts to your customers will not necessarily hurt your bottom line. Instead, it will attract customers into your website and boost sales.
You can discount each item individually but this is laborious and your time is better spent on this year’s strategy. With the help of Stock Auto discount module, you can easily discount and sell products that have been sitting in stock for a long time and increase cash flow in your business.

Increase traffic and boots your sales

As you know, Prestashop allows you to place products on offer by applying a discount, either in percentage or in a specific dollar amount. This is done by editing a product from the prices tab. But, what happens if you want to add a discount to all products in a category, and these are hundreds or thousands? What happens if you want to exclude certain items?
Stock Auto Discount module solves your problem, since you can create a discount and apply it to multiple products in less than a minute, along with specific rules such as select a list of products to exclude, revert product to original status once it’s sold etc. You can easily give a discount on products that have been in stock for a long time and see a list of products that are currently discounted with product information, including original price, new price, stock level etc. This module automates the process of discounting stock that has been sitting on shelf too long, saving you the manual work and time.


-Automatically discount stock items.

-Easily set discount by percentage or fixed amount.

Easily automate the discount action by choosing how many days stock is sitting on warehouse shelf before discount will be applied. For example, if stock is unsold after 15 days= Apply X% discount.

-Quickly assign a category folder which you want the discounts to be applied to.

-Clearly show the product information, such as old price, new price, stock level etc.

-Automatically update the product status.

-Increase your sales.


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