Quickly and Accurately place, move, and update products in your warehouse. Enter UPC/EAN, Reference, Scan Barcode to quickly find a new home, locate, correct placement for misplaced items, and access current inventory levels.


Every serious business small and large alike tracks inventory. Inventory Best Practices requires that every items should be easily identified and located in seconds by any member of your warehouse team old or temp staff.
This module makes entering Stock painless, easy, and accurate… every time. Locating an item for re-stocking should take only seconds. At present you must search for the product jump through a few screens to change an item’s warehouse location or get inventory levels. With this module you quickly get item location upon scanning, current inventory levels, and have the ability to update the EAN/UPC/Location for the item or add or change its location in seconds all on one page

For re-stocking, stocking, inventory control, orphaned products (out of location) this module saves you loads of time and effort.

Happy employees and efficient employees save you money and create a better more engaging work environment. Once you’ve received your products/parts, getting them placed in the Warehouse has never been faster.

– easily find product using product reference and assign warehouse location

– search on EAN/UPC

– Inline edit for warehouse location and EAN/UPC


Familiar Prestashop layout
Product Image for visual confirmation
Fast JQueery/Ajax implementation needing no slow page reloads
“Process Click” Cursor automation to increase user speed and decrease efforts.


1-Click download and activation from Prestashop panel. Very Simple setup advanced yet simple operation.


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